Excuse Quotes

Excuse Quotes From Some Famous People

Yeah, don’t you love it when someone in the spotlight screws up and has to come up with some excuses? Especially when it’s a politician who is supposed to be setting an example of sterling character. The amazing thing, when you look over these excuse quotes, is just how lame most of them are. It’s like they don’t even care. It’s like they expect to get some kind of preferential treatment no matter what they’ve done so they don’t even try to come up with something that good. It’s like it’s too much work for them or they need their speech writer to make it for them only he wasn’t on hand at that moment.

Some Really Lame Excuse Quotes from Famous People

1. “I didn’t want to hurt them; I only wanted to kill them” David Berkowitz

2. “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.” Richard Nixon

3. “I was just giving her a ride home.” Eddie Murphy

4. “I didn’t inhale it and never tried it again.” Bill Clinton

5. “The police, since my trouble, have not worked out for me.” O.J. Simpson.

6. “Nude massage.” Chuck Robb

7. “It’s only me and not my mind that is confusing things.” The Beatles.

Why you shouldn’t use excuses as bad as these.

O.K., so #7 is pretty clever but it came out of a Beatle’s song. The rest are pretty lame, though. Now this should be a lesson to you that, unless you are famous, you shouldn’t try using excuses that are this bad. The average Joe couldn’t get by on excuses this bad and that’s why we have this website. Imagine telling someone on a job interview that you used pot before only you didn’t inhale and never tried it again. The guy would think you were a moron because you don’t even know how to smoke a joint or because you told him such an idiotic story in the first place. So take a good look at these excuse quotes and don’t try this at home.


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