Excuses for Missing School

Excuses for Missing School That Everyone Needs

You need good excuses for missing school. Let’s face it, these are your teachers; they taught you everything you know. Not only that, they’ve been doing it forever so they’ve heard every excuse in the book. Well, almost. They haven’t heard these excuses. Maybe they’ll land you a better grade in English class.

Excuses for Missing School that your Teachers have Never Heard Before

1.The principal is a bully.

2. The teacher wants me to play a ‘tasting game.’

3. I played video games so long that I developed carpal tunnel syndrome and now I can’t hold a pencil.

4. The dog ate my homework and needs to be put down now. I feel I should be with him in the end.

5. I am CEO of an internet start-up and I must attend a stockholder’s meeting.

6. I got food poisoning from the cockroach casserole that I ate in the school lunchroom yesterday.

7. My science project got loose and demolished part of the neighborhood. Now the police want to talk to me.

8. The school is on the turf of a gang that won’t let members from my gang on it.

9. I fell into a sinkhole on the way to school and broke my ankle.

10. I got stuck on level 10 of Angry Birds.

11. My Dad wouldn’t let me leave the table until I finished eating the spinach.

12. I was writing a poem and couldn’t think of an acceptable substitution for goofy.

13. The bully down the street said he’d beat me up if he saw me on the street.

14. My Mom’s boyfriend took me fishing with him.

15. My dog got out of the back yard and I had to catch him.

16. I couldn’t find the key to lock the front door.

17. I have to attend a Lamaze class with my girlfriend.

18. I have to bail my dad out of jail.

19. My brother sent me a pet hamster in the mail. The delivery

     man showed up just before I was going to leave and now I

     had to build a cage for the hamster.

20. One of my old girl friends called and said I made her

     pregnant. I didn’t even remember her name so thought

     I should at least go see who she is. Of course that developed

     into more than I thought it would, so……you can guess

     what happened next.

How to use these excuses for best effect.

Obviously these excuses are designed to be used after the fact. Choose an excuse that strikes your fancy and rehearse it a bit before you deliver it. Remember that the first rule of good excuse delivery is to look your recipient directly in the eyes during delivery. It also helps not to smile or laugh out loud while saying your excuse and this is where a little rehearsing will help your excuses for missing school sound plausible.








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