Excuses to Give to the Police

Excuses To Give To The Police When in Trouble

If you’ve browsed any lawyer’s websites, you will probably agree that your best first defense, when getting into any legal trouble, is probably a good excuse to give to the police. I know, I’ve written copy for many a lawyer’s website and you don’t even want to go there. Your best line of defense is to give the police a good excuse. Hey, the police are suckers for a good excuse just like anyone else, especially if your a nice looking woman. So here are some you are welcome to use;

Excuses You Might Want To Try Giving To The Police

1. Honest, officer, my kid told me they were tomato plants.

2. Sorry officer, my speedometer reads in kilometers and I was absent the day they explained kilometers in school.

3. But the car was made in Europe and I haven’t learned how to translate the speedometer yet.

4. It’s not my fault I was going the wrong way down a one-way street, the GPS lady told me to turn there.

5. The doctor gave me a lead prosthetic foot.

6. No that’s not alcohol on my breath, it’s the car air freshener.

7. That wasn’t me, that was my dog driving, and he always speeds.

8. I don’t care if he was on the sidewalk, he still shouldn’t have been in my way.

9. Of course I stopped at that stop sign, officer, I did it last week once.

10. Of course I threw all that trash out the window, the sign said ‘fine for littering.’

Will you get in more trouble if you give excuses to the police?

Only if they don’t believe you. Then they’ll get really pissed off and probably beat you up. But the police are obviously pretty gullible; just look at how many politicians are still walking around, so don’t hesitate to give the police a good excuse.



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