Excuses Quotes

These are Excuses Quotes From Other Famous People

As you can see, the human art of making excuses goes back as far as man himself, or herself. If you look through these excuses quotes, you’ll find one from Eve; “the serpent beguiled me.” Really kind of ranks right up there with “the devil made me do it.” Not just the first excuse, but a really lame one at that. Makes you wonder if God makes any excuses. He’s supposed to be perfect but, c’mon, what was with some of those giant mammals? Did we really need a giant sloth? And how about those half dog, half tiger things? Sure he’s man’s best friend, just don’t piss him off. Did God say “hey, cut me some slack! These are my first tries, alright?”

Excuse Quotes from People who are not God

1.”I had other priorities.” Dick Cheney.
2.”I have severe acid reflux” Ashlee Simpson
3.”Bitch set me up” Marion Barry”
4.”The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” Eve
5.”I’m 72 years old. I’m dyslexic.” Robert Blake
6.”Deep and seemingly endless frustration.” Alec Baldwin
7.”I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” President Bush

Why Famous People have such lousy Excuses

They don’t care, alright? Were any of these people really worried about the consequences of their actions? Obviously not. That’s why they didn’t try very hard to come up with decent excuses. Sure, Eve probably suspected that God would be mad but she was the only woman on the planet! Of course God’s not going to kill her or anything. The rest of these people know that the public soon forgets, unlike your spouse. Your spouse will never forget so don’t make the mistake of trying to give your spouse a lousy excuse like the ones that you see here in these excuses quotes!


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