Excuses to Get Out of Work

Here Are Excuses To Get Out Of Work!

Naturally, no one really wants to have excuses to get out of work. Everyone loves their job and their boss and would never dream up excuses just to get out of work. That’s why this website is here to do that sort of thing for you.

 Really Clever Excuses to Get Out of Work.

1. Find a religious holiday on the day that you want off and tell your boss you have joined that religion.

2. Say you must fly out-of-town to attend the funeral of a relative who just passed on.

3. Say that your mother is quite ill and is not expected to live through the next few days.

4. Say you have a sick child who needs to be taken to the doctor.

5. Say your kid is in a school play and if you don’t go see him, his shrink says he will be scarred for life.

6. Your beloved cat/dog/mouse/boa constrictor has been suffering from a terminal illness and must be put down. You feel you need to be there for it in the end.

7. You have an emergency teacher parent conference because your kid got carried away during show and tell and mooned the third grade class.

8. You need to give a blood transfusion to your best friend who once saved your life.

9. A sewer pipe broke and flooded your basement. You are busy trying to save your priceless memorabilia.

 10. Someone broke into your house last night and your spouse is hysterical.

11. Your parrot got out of his cage and the cat chewed part of his foot off.

12 Somebody parked a big truck in your driveway and you can’t get out

13. The neighborhood gangsters ripped off the garage door and you’ll have to stay home to get it fixed.

Will you boss believe these excuses to get out of work?

Of course! These excuses are dynamite! You could bet your job on it! Oh, well, yeah I guess you would be doing that. If your boss doesn’t believe these, he’s a bold-faced tyrant and he doesn’t deserve to have a great employee like you working for him anyway. I mean what kind of person wouldn’t let you out of work to give a blood transfusion to your best friend who once saved your life? You need to ask your boss; “What? Does it sound like I’m just making excuses to get out of work here?”


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