Good Excuses

Find Your Good Excuses Here.

If you’re not a politician or other famous media type, then you’ll need some good excuses. As we’ve pointed out, only politicians and famous movie stars get away with making off-the-cuff, half-baked, lame excuses. That is, of course, why we made this website. Your average person can’t be expected to cope with life without a source of really good excuses at his fingertips!

These are Certified Good Excuses

1. I was abducted by aliens.

2. I don’t speak (whatever language that is.)

3. I had to take my daughter to see the Hunger Games.

4. I missed my flight.

5. I made my flight but it was the wrong one.

6. They mistook me for a terrorist and detained me.

7. I forgot to set my alarm clock.

8. I set my alarm clock but it was not plugged in.

9. My alarm clock was recalled.

10.Today is a religious holiday for my religion;________.

11. They thought my iPad was a bomb and made me get off the plane.

12. My GPS is out of warranty.

13. I have DDS; (Directional Dysfunction Syndrome.)

14. I didn’t know what day it was because I was looking at the Mayan Calender.

15. I locked my keys in my car.

What makes these excuses so good?

These are high-quality original excuses. Since they are original they have never been used before. That means whoever you’re giving the excuse to is not going to say; “Oh! That old excuse again!” Another good thing about these excuses is that you can use several of them right in a row. For example, suppose you use the excuse that you forgot to set your alarm clock and your boss buys it but he says; “In the future, don’t forget to set your alarm clock!” Well. you can go right ahead and sleep in the next day too and when your boss asks; “Didn’t you set your alarm clock again?” well you can just say you did set your alarm clock but you forgot to plug it in. You’ll really have him there! He won’t know what to say to that. Then he might say; “Don’t ever forget to plug-in your alarm clock again!” Well. don’t worry. Just go right ahead and sleep in again the next day. When you boss asks if you forgot to plug-in your alarm clock again, you can just use the next excuse from the list of good excuses and say you plugged in your alarm clock but it was recalled.


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