Homework Excuses

Useful Homework Excuses

School is where the learning begins. You learn which homework excuses work so that, one day, you’ll go to work and be able to come up with good excuses to get out of work. Actually, in school, choosing an original and well crafted excuse is more important than in the work world where you can use any old lame excuses. After all, in school, they might write a note home to your parents.

Our Favorite Homework Excuses

1. My internet was down

2. My father was too busy to do my homework.

3. My iguana threw up on my homework assignment.

4. I got stuck on level 9 of Angry Birds.

5. I played video games too long and sprained my thumb so I couldn’t hold a pen.

6. My little sister flushed my homework down the toilet.

7. I didn’t have enough money to purchase an essay over the net.

8. I switched backpacks with my girlfriend by mistake and so she has my homework.

9. I didn’t understand the assignment.

10. Our printer is out of ink.

Will these excuses help?

Yes. You see, your teacher is pretty much going to assume that you are making an excuse but, if you come up with a really original one, your teacher is going to think; “Hey, this kid’s pretty clever. He probably has a future in government or banking!” So your teacher is going to be nice to you out of fear that, one day, you’ll grow up and become a banker and foreclose on his house. Or he might be afraid that your going to go into politics and cut back on all the teaching jobs. So, by giving a really clever excuse, your teacher will be extra nice to you and let you get by with not doing your homework assignments and will probably even give you passing grades on your tests. So, you can see, it’s well worth the trouble to come to this page and find some good homework excuses.


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