List of Excuses

On This Page, You Will Find Links To Each List Of Excuses.

We want to make your life easier, you see. That’s why we have this page of links to every list of excuses on this website. That’s what excuses are for, right? To make your life easier. So it wouldn’t be so good if we just piled them up, made you dig through them to find the excuses you need and then made some lame excuses ourselves about why there was no organization on this site. So that’s why we did it (and not because it’s a search term.) Honest.

Each page has a list of excuses that fall under that particular heading, so just click on the list you want.

Good Excuses

Excuses to get out of work

Excuses quotes

writing excuses

excuses for missing work

homework excuses

best excuses

funny excuses

work excuses

good excuses to get out of work

lame excuses

doctors excuses

school excuses

excuse quotes

making excuses

excuses for missing school

excuses definition

great excuses

make excuses

stop making excuses

We guarantee you will find the excuse that you need.

It is our mission to provide society with the excuses they need. This is our mission statement and we are dedicated to this because it is all important. Just think what would happen to our society if people were no longer able to make excuses and blame other people and things for their predicaments. That’s right, society would just fall apart. Imagine if people had to take responsibility for their mistakes and speak truthfully. Why that would stop our government in its tracks. It wouldn’t stop there, either. Your average Joe would have to start paying more attention and business would surely grind to a halt. We can therefore say that we proudly serve society and the world at large, providing the list of excuses that will keep things running smoothly.


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