Make Excuses

Why We Make Excuses

Of course, we make excuses for a number of different reasons. Often to avoid trouble in a relationship or situation. We hope to avoid the consequences of making a mistake or, at least, to minimize the consequences. Often, in doing this, we avoid the truth. It would be too hurtful to say we just forgot so we try to come up with a better reason for our action or inaction. As we go down onto the areas we don’t care so much about, we feel we can just give any old lame excuses.

Another Way to Look at Why We Make Excuses

If we are truly powerful beings, as some believe we are, why do we no longer have our power? Perhaps the reason lies in our not wanting to take responsibility for the things we do and create. So we start to make excuses and say this happened because of that thing over there. That thing did that to you and that thing did that to me and, slowly but surely, we give away our power. Soon we are believing that the universe does things to us and we have no power to control it. We become like Samantha’s Aunt in the T.V. show Bewitched, when she lost her powers and had to learn to do everything without her magick.

Can we have our power back?


Surely, if we were the ones to give it away, then we can reclaim it again. This time, however, we may want to take some responsibility for what we do and create. Perhaps there is an ethical use of power and we can create but just not create things that are hard for others to experience. Maybe, if we looked hard enough, we might discern some universal laws such as harmony that we could work with. Maybe the day will come when we will say ‘been there, done that’ when it come to doing things that we need to make excuses over.


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