Making Excuses to Ourselves

Are We Making Excuses To Ourselves?

We cover all types of excuses on this blog and it keeps growing everyday. (Mercy!) We list all kinds of excuses from good excuses to get out of work, to lame excuses. But the most lame excuses of all are the ones that come when we are making excuses to ourselves. These are the excuses we use to justify why we don’t stick to our resolutions or don’t follow our dreams. You know these excuses; “I would work-out more often but I just don’t have the time.” “I would try to get a better paying job but I’m just not qualified.” “I would audition for that part but I know I suck.”

When will it be time to stop making excuses?

Good question. Some say it has something to do with a thing called a comfort zone and you won’t take any action until you get out of that comfort zone. Well, here’s a something to think about; If you don’t take any action, life may just keep shrinking your comfort zone down and down. Think about it. If you keep right on making the same amount of money, it obviously won’t go as far because it will be outpaced by inflation and the rising cost of living. What if you just got out of that comfort zone right now, instead of waiting for life to evict you?

How do you get out of making excuses?

 In order to take action, and be confident about it, you need to have the right information. You need to get good information that cuts through the many myths about making money and know how wealthy people go about doing it. We would like to offer you this information for free. The information is on three videos that offer an un-biased overview of ways to make money and ways to not make money, so stop making excuses and get some real information. Just put your name and email in the boxes below and hit subscribe. We will email you a link to these videos.



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