School Excuses

Missing School Excuses

File this one under; isn’t it interesting what people will type into a search box? (Once again.) You have to kind of wonder, did they mean excuses about their school? As in, why is it so bad? But no, school excuses just has to mean excuses for missing school. And anyone who types that into a search box shouldn’t. Miss school, that is. Again, we recommend using highly creative and original excuses. We explained why this is on the excuses for missing school page.

School Excuses for Having Not Been There

1. I don’t want to go to school because my home room teacher is a big purple dinosaur.

2. Please excuse me from school because I got a bad haircut.

3. I got left behind.

4. I didn’t show up for school because I couldn’t read the street signs.

5. I had to go get my mother out of rehab.

6. My laptop has a virus.

7. I thought it was senior ditch day.

8. My pants fell down, I tripped and broke my arm.

9. They wouldn’t let me off work at the Nike factory.

10. I couldn’t find a sitter.

Tips for Using School Excuses

Use spell-check. Your school administrator will be suspicious if your excuse is full of spelling errors. They’re going to think that you go to their school. If you call your excuse in, be sure to change your voice. Speak with a heavy foreign accent so that the person on the other end will have a hard time understanding you. Have your brother or sister cough continuously in the background. Do not text your excuse in. Do not address the school administrator as ‘dude,’ and avoid using the word ‘like,’ as in ‘hey, dude, my kid has, like, the whooping-cough and, like, you know, can’t, like, come to school today because he’s, like, you know, sick or something.’ Always use good grammar when phoning in or writing school excuses.


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