Work Excuses

Getting Out Of Work Excuses

Work excuses

“WORK!!!?” Don’t use that word around Maynard! He’s very sensitive! If you share this same sensitivity, you might find these work excuses useful. If you can’t find what you need here, check out the good excuses to get out of work page. After all, being a beatnik is out of fashion so we can’t just reject the idea of work all together as being against our philosophy. Or can we? Maybe some of us can.

Work Excuses That Work

1. I couldn’t go to work because I couldn’t find my cat.

2. My daughter borrowed my car and then took my car keys with her to school.

3. My wife rearranged my closet and I couldn’t find my ties.

4. The baby kept us up all night.

5. My daughter is learning how to cook and we all got food poisoning.

6. I accidentally brushed my teeth with Preparation H and I can’t open my mouth because my lips have shrunk.

7. My dog buried my car keys in the back yard

8. My kid dried his socks in the toaster and started a fire.

9. A tree fell over and blocked our driveway.

10. I thought I had won the lotto.

Why work excuses?

It’s simple. If you don’t like doing it, its work and, if you enjoy doing it its not. Duh! If you are ready to work less and enjoy life more, you might want to have a look at our making excuses to ourselves page. If you enjoy what you do, you won’t be making a lot of excuses about not being there and, if you don’t enjoy what you do, it’s probably because you make a lot of excuses to yourself about why you can’t. So stop making excuses to yourself, otherwise subscribe to our feed so that you’ll have a good supply of fresh work excuses because you’ll need them.


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