Writing Excuses

Examples Of Writing Excuses

Writing excuses

One is tempted to ponder, whether or not by writing excuses, one means excuses about one’s writing. However, since no one writes anymore, this theory can be dismissed. Since the only kinds of excuses that are actually written are excuses for missing school, then we must assume that that is what this is about.

Too Bad These Writing Excuses are Not Much About Missing School.

1. Dear John; Sorry to have missed our wedding but I was having so much fun down in the Bahamas with Bill that I just forgot about the time!

2. Sorry you got the wrong medication and it nearly killed you but, you have to understand, I’m a doctor and no one can read my handwriting.

3. Sorry I didn’t turn in my essay but my palm is so hairy I can’t hold a pen.

4. Sorry I haven’t written to you for so long but I lost your address.

5. Sorry I haven’t written in so long but I have been really busy organizing my stamp collection.

6. Peeze exkuze John from sckul as he iz nott feeling gud.

7. Please excuse Bill from work. I’m, like his doctor and he has some kinda germ thingy.

8. Sorry there are like so many mis-spelled words in my homework but I couldn’t find the spell check thingy.

9. Sorry I missed your birthday and didn’t send a card but I’ve been really busy naming my guppies.

10. Sorry my short story is so short but the main character died right after I started it.

Well, Sending an Email Might be Kind of Like Writing  Excuses

Yeah, you could use some of these excuses in an email for sure. Not excuses for missing school or work, mind you, those need to be written out on some nice paper. Not that you should do that. We certainly do not condone forgery. You should see your doctor, if you’re ill and then he can start writing excuses for you about your germ thingy.



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